Thursday, May 03, 2007


Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill was invited to speak at her daughter's graduation ceremony at St. Joseph's Academy. Then the Archbishop objected, due to her views on abortion and stem cell research. So she was disinvited.
[Archbishop] Burke is not new to controversy or to politicizing his religious views. He was behind the effort to deny John Kerry and other progressive Catholic politicians eucharist. Last week he tried to derail a benefit concert by Sheryl Crow for a local Catholic hospital because of her support for stem cell research. Apparently he put politics over critical funding for the hospital. He resigned his position on the board of directors for the hospital when they refused to cancel the concert.

Lovely. As the above-linked post states, the odds McCaskill was going to turn this into a pro-abortion rally ranges from slim to none. There is no doubt that a sitting US Senator would make for an excellent role model for the graduates of this academy. Unfortunately, the Archbishop decided to make a political point on the backs of teenagers.


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