Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I'd like to say that my reduced blogging of late has been due to intensive GRE studying (I take the test Wednesday), but that would imply that I've been, er, studying (intensively or no). I've taken a few practice sections, and oddly enough, I'm doing better on the quantitative sections than the verbal. Odd, I know. But in addition to test prep, I've hit a bit of a groove on the article I'm working on, so that's the real culprit in why the blogging hasn't been quite up on top of things. Post-Wednesday, at the very least, I plan on getting back on pace.


Anonymous said...

Might want to check out this article
previewed at the Chronicle of Higher Education about B-Rock.

Julia said...

Bryce is taking the GRE on Wednesday too!

Verbal GRE scores are just plain lower than the quantitative. My numerical scores were very different (by 160 points), but I scored in the exact same percentile in each. Weird!

PG said...

GRE *and* LSAT?