Monday, September 10, 2007

Blog as Flash Memory Card

I've realized that a major function of this blog is to serve as an external memory drive for my brain. I blog interesting stories or anecdotes, then, when I want to retrieve them, I just run a search (tragically, I have very little confidence in the blogger search tool, but it works well enough I guess). The upshot is that I often blog little tidbits that may not be of interest to others, just because I want to make sure I can access them some day (a lot of times my "quotes of the day" are serving this purpose). The other major impact is that I rarely write big, substantive posts at The Moderate Voice, for the simple reason that I want them to be here in three months when I go looking for them. Well, and because my ego likes the traffic I get when I direct TMVers to come here. But the first answer is far more legitimate, so let's go with that.


PG said...

I did the same thing with Half the Sins of Mankind, though I was a lot more self-indulgent than you seem to be here; I'd drop almost anything there that I wanted to save for potential future use, regardless of whether anyone else would want to read it. I'm a little more disciplined about De Novo, probably b/c it's at least nominally a group blawg. I was kind of glad that I did the memory storage at HSM with a bunch of AIM conversation with a friend who passed away, though.

Thomas said...
A wired article echoing your sentiment.