Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nebraska Senate Ad

The DSCC hits the Republican front-runner, former Governor and Agricultural Secretary Mike Johanns.

Kos likes it and thinks the "quitter" narrative is effective. I kind of think it's a cheap shot. Politicians of all stripes resign from their current post while running for the next one. This isn't aberrant behavior. It's typical -- even expected. When Joe Lieberman didn't resign from the Senate to run for Vice President, folks were really annoyed at him. A lot of the time, the argument is made that a Senator or Representative whose running for higher office can't concentrate on representing her district, and so should resign to focus on her campaign. This ad is the epitome of taking a neutral or beneficent act, saying it in a nasty voice, and hoping uninformed voters will take it badly.

It's not quite at the "I hear his sister is a thespian" level, but it's in that family.


Stentor said...

I think the complaint that he quit as agriculture secretary just as the farm bill was being put together is a legitimate criticism. But the ad goes astray, and dilutes the message, when it tries to create a broader pattern of being a quitter, since as you say not all quitting is bad.

Anonymous said...

I'd agree, Stentor. I doubt many care that he quit the Lincoln city council or as mayor to become governor. I'm not sure the "quitter" tag will be all that effective. Of course, if Kerrey doesn't get in, it won't matter anyway.