Monday, October 15, 2007

Return to Convention

The Virginia Republican State Central Committee has just voted
to hold a nominating convention instead of a primary to determine who will be their 2008 Senate candidate against wildly popular former Gov. Mark Warner in the race to succeed retiring Republican Senator John Warner (no relation). The move is seen as benefited former Gov. Jim Gilmore, the more conservative candidate, over Northern Virginia Rep. Tom Davis, Warner's preferred successor and a moderate. Though I thought Gilmore would still have the advantage in a primary, a convention merely enhances the benefit he gets from being the bona fide conservative in the race. Which I'm perfectly content with, as Warner will thrash Gilmore in the general. Davis, at least, would have put up a live fight. (Of course, the real question on everybody's mind is how this impacts Peter Pace.)

But, being too young to have really lived in the days of contested floor fights (outside The West Wing), I'm just excited to see one in my own backyard. It's like a political junkie's dream come true!

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