Wednesday, November 07, 2007

No Money? No Problem!

Barack Obama is offering his support to the striking writer's guild. The members are pleased, but also confused:
WGA officials were overjoyed with the headline-making gift — even if unsure as to why Obama did what he did. “We don’t even have a PAC, so why he did it is still a question. But we’re delighted,” says Jody Frisch, who shuttles between Los Angeles and Washington as the Guild’s director of policy and government affairs.

That makes me sad, actually. Are we really at that stage where we can't even conceptualize a major politician aiding a cause he believes in absent a big ol' check in his wallet? I guess that's the truth of money in politics, but it's not a good commentary.

On the other hand, it does speak well of Obama, that his rhetoric of moving past the politics of dollar bills is more than just talk. So good for him.


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Stentor said...

It may not be narrow influence-buying, but I don't think we need to invoke altruism here. The WGA may not have a PAC, but it seems like everyone else in the country is rooting for the writers, and many of those people have PACs (or can otherwise support his candiacy).