Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Real Reason To Say No To Giuliani

Steve Benen has the scoop on the latest Giuliani scandal to hit -- this one having to do with him using official resources to conduct (and cover up) his affair with Judith Regan Nathan (too many scandals, too little time....).

Eh. I mean, maybe I'm just jaded. But while I certainly find this very distasteful, it annoys me that we have to use this has the route to derail his campaign. Giuliani is a nut. He has authoritarian instincts, a foreign policy that seems to consisted of blowing up any country that winks at us the wrong way, and really just doesn't seem to have the skill set needed to be an effective President. I'd be far happier if that became the reason his campaign lost steam.

Too idealist, I guess.


Stentor said...

I think this scandal *illustrates* some of those deeper problems you point out. That's not true of all scandals -- for example, the affair itself tells you little about how poorly he would govern. But his misuse of city money for personal purposes and efforts to cover it up speak to his authoritarian and selfish tendencies.

PG said...

Judith Nathan. Judith Regan is the Giuliani scandal having to do with her lawsuit claiming that she was ordered to lie to federal investigators regarding the controversy over Bernard Kerik, with whom she was having an affair, to protect Giuliani's bid for president.