Monday, January 21, 2008

So Many White Boys

CNN reports that Black women face a particularly tough choice in this primary, having decide between race (Obama) and gender (Clinton).

Hell, I've got them beat. Do you know how many White boys are running this election? I scarcely know where to begin! How on earth am I supposed to make a decision when my identity group is so fragmented? (But wait: I'm supporting Obama!)

Or maybe, I'm able to make a decision because I'm a rational human being who is able to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates and express a preference. And reading the article, it looks like the Black women discussed are doing the exact same thing.

The decision between Obama and Clinton is a difficult one, no doubt, for people of all races and genders. That's because they're both excellent candidates who would make wonderful presidents. It annoys me that Black women are being treated this cycle as if their deliberations -- unlike mine -- aren't occurring off that very basic premise.

UPDATE: Now CNN has an article up detailing the "angry reaction" its previous article elicited from its readers. Good. Not good enough if they keep running articles like this, but good.


PG said...

Why do you think the Republicans are having such a tough time picking a candidate? Too many white boys!

George Vreeland Hill said...

Obama is trying to hurt Hillary, and is losing focus on the key issues because of it.
If this is what he does, then I do not want him in the White House.
I want a candidate who will tell me what he or she will do to make this country better, and not play dirty for his own cause.
Red flags go up around Obama every time he speaks.
He needs to stop this garbage fast.
Better Hillary than him.

George Vreeland Hill