Friday, May 16, 2008

Holy Flip-Flop, Batman!

In the wake of the on-going Bush/Obama/McCain three-way fist-fight over the President's comparison of Barack Obama to "appeasers" in WWII because of his willingness to talk to Iran, we saw an interesting CNN headline: " McCain denies 'flip-flop' on Hamas, blasts Obama". Apparently, some State Department officials have alleged that two years ago, McCain was quite in favor of diplomatic engagement with Hamas -- the precise position he's now attacking Obama for putatively holding.

I say the headline is interesting because it may be one of the first times I've seen the mainstream media even hint that straighty-McStraighttalk could possibly have flip-flopped about anything. It's a veritable milestone in media reporting about John McCain! Could we finally be seeing the end of his eight-year long honeymoon with the media? We -- by which I mean American democracy -- can only hope.

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