Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Civil Rights Roundup: 07/22/08

Your daily dose of civil rights and related news

The ACLU is seeking to overturn Alabama's voter disenfranchisement law.

The Boston Globe calls on the state to restrict unequal retirement plans that pay women less than men.

Online adoption business discriminates against gay couples.

John McCain: Anti-contraception.

16 years after "the year of the women", women still account for less than 25% of legislators. PS: Barbara Mikulski, still a BAMF.

Research shows: discrimination still quite present in the lending and credit industries.

The Houston Chronicle is livid over how immigrants were treated after a raid on a meatpacking plant.

Is California ready to vote for a gay-rights governor (Arnold, apparently, doesn't count).

A Michigan report says that obese workers are as effective as thin ones. Michigan bans weight discrimination.

A tremendous backlog still exists for testing rape evidence.

As troop levels drop, Democrats are getting more aggressive about repealing DADT.

A South Carolina town is looking to initiate its own crackdown on illegal immigrants. Th bill failed the council by one vote -- one councilman said he had a hang up about the law's "English only" policy.

7th Circuit: termination due to infertility treatments is sex discrimination. The case is Hall v. Nalco Co..

Is my (barely paid) internship exploiting me?

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