Thursday, July 03, 2008

Former Congo Leader Indicted for War Crimes

CNN has the story. Jean-Pierre Bemba, a warlord who ruled over a large swath of northeastern Congo, then became a vice-president in Congo's transitional government, was accused of leading a militia which used rape as a primary tactic of war while intervening in the Central African Republic.

I certainly hope the victims in the CAR see justice done in this case. But I also hope that Bemba's arrest causes no disturbance or instability in Congo's shaky but burgeoning democracy.


Joey said...

Geez. But the lynch mobbers against the Duke lacrosse guys were espousing that they "did it" because rape was a weapon used by white men to terrorize and further cement their colonialist capitalism!

PG said...

Exactly which "lynch mobber" made that claim?

And such use of the phrase "lynch mob" reminds me of Pat Buchanan's saying that Trent Lott was being lynched when there were calls for him to step down as Senate Majority Leader.