Friday, August 15, 2008

Off Base

I love how the second half of this Lisa Schiffrin post manages to make an unwarranted assertion about West African immigrants (are they predominantly illegal?), totally misunderstand capitalism, and manages to be shocked that African immigrants would greatly prefer Barack Obama to John McCain. It's a lot of dumb packed into a single paragraph.

Via Balloon Juice.

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PG said...

To be honest, I was more outraged by her misuse of the word "veritable" ("Nor do they prosecute — or even discourage — people running veritable businesses selling stuff on the sidewalks" -- if these are real, genuine businesses, why is someone from the purportedly pro-business NRO bitching about them?) than all of the other nonsense. Although nothing has ever made me realize Dalits' dislike of Gandhi's term "Harijan" as much as Schiffren's reference to the "ungrateful illegals" as "children of God." Even if Gandhi didn't intend the phrase patronizingly, it certainly comes across that way from some people.