Sunday, August 03, 2008

Spotted on Facebook

A group to impeach Nancy Pelosi. I was curious as to their grounds, so I clicked on it. Let's see... "overwhelming lack of competence, dereliction of duty, and failure to act on behalf of the American public....", yikes, that sounds bad. What did she do wrong?
With the Speakers stated position not to allow a vote on the floor of the United States House of Representatives which would address energy reform and offshore drilling while we are in the midst of rising fuel costs and a 70% dependence on foreign oil, Nancy Pelosi has demonstrated a complete unwillingness to act as the people's agent. Instead, she has stubbornly opted to stand on ideology and partisan politics instead of heeding the will of the American people.

That's it? Not allowing a vote (on an absolutely bone-headed piece legislation, no less)? That's your impeachable offense?

We, my friends, are not dealing with a rational community.

(Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, Michael van der Galien joined, continuing his slide into the right-wing cesspool).


Ivan Ludmer said...

Hadn't heard of that guy, but when I clicked over to his site, the first thing I saw was a post titled "Insane," with the following text:

If politicians believe that the crimes against Armenians during World War I are ‘facts’ and established as such, and that Ottoman leaders were responsible for those crimes, it only shows that said politicians do not know much about this subject. There’s a debate going on between historians about the events of, before and after 1915; if it were such a clear case, such a debate would not exist.

This is not really a guy I'm sad about losing.

David Schraub said...

Haven't seen you around the blogosphere in awhile. What's new?