Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Civil Rights Roundup Returns! (09/30/08)

Okay, here's the scoop everybody. The civil rights roundup is back. But it will be on a significantly modified schedule. For starters, this is likely the only Tuesday you'll see it, as I have class with only a lunch break straight through from 9:45 - 4 that day. Most days, though, a probably abridged roundup will show up by mid-afternoon.

And with that, away we go!

The trial of a South Carolina state trooper accused of ramming a fleeing suspect with his car has begun.

A group of pastors gave political sermons in an effort to provoke a showdown over whether the IRS can withhold tax-exempt status to religious bodies which engage in political activity.

A prosecutor has been appointed by Attorney General Michael Mukasey to continue the investigation into the US Attorneys firings.

Early voting has been approved in Ohio.

The NAACP claims racial profiling is on the rise in the Seattle area.

Civil rights leaders are targeting Greenbelt, Maryland's at-large election system as diluting the power of Black voters.

A Montana woman whose same-sex partner adopted a child has gained parental rights, a first in Montana.

The Governor of Colorado has come out against the efforts to ban affirmative action in that state.

A Lowell man has plead guilty to hate crimes after beating someone due to his perceived sexual orientation.

A sex discrimination case against major glass manufacturer will move forward after the presiding judge rejected a motion to throw out the case.

Smaller school districts are beginning to encounter the language barrier.

Efforts to register veterans are foundering on a mess of red tape. But maybe they're "phony veterans" anyway?

This Boston Herald story commits the typical universalist fallacy of assuming Whites' views of Blacks, and Blacks' views of Whites are equally groundless.

American Airlines has endorsed the Employee Non-Discrimination Act. And here comes another boycott!


PG said...

WRT a past roundup, apparently Virginia has stopped worrying about out-of-state students' registering to vote there. Instead, Falwell Jr. is getting Liberty U students registered.

"It's a major election -- they really want students to vote," Liberty freshman Bethany Hernandez said. "Some teachers are giving extra credit if you register to vote."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for continuing the round-up and good luck with school. You're probably already aware of this, but just in case: if you bookmark these articles with delicious.com the site can generate the code (they call it a linkroll) to display the links and snippets of the articles for you. That might save you some time putting these round-ups together.