Thursday, October 02, 2008

Back In Your System

I found out today that I am officially registered to vote again in the state of Maryland -- a process that was slightly more difficult than I anticipated. It definitely occurred to me that I'm a more motivated voter than the norm, and I was finding it difficult, so it's easy for me to imagine less civic-minded individuals being deterred (admittedly, my case was complicated by my absentee status and the fact that I was previously registered in Maryland but had canceled upon moving to Minnesota).

Anyway, the absentee ballot should be coming to me in a few weeks, and then I get to cast a vote in this historic election. How exciting!

That last part is serious, incidentally. I'm genuinely excited in spite of myself to cast a vote for Barack Obama. That's not to say I wasn't pleased to vote for Kerry. But it wasn't exciting. This feels exciting to me.

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