Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dell Tech Support

I admit that the only reason I got a Dell for law school is because Chicago told me to (and my old computer broke). But, after having experienced a minor problem with the computer these past few days, I just want to say Dell tech support is amazing. A huge contrast with HP. They were great over the phone, walked me through all the stuff they wanted to try, were very friendly (and understandable), and when they thought they figured out what might be the problem, they sent a technician over to my house with all the parts next day. Actually, it was scheduled for "Friday or Monday", but then they told me they could come by Thursday. And when I asked if they could come to a different place (Friday I'd be in Minnesota, so I was going to leave it at my dad's office -- today I'm still in Maryland), they didn't bat an eyelash. And when the technician showed up, he basically took apart and put back together my entire computer, before my eyes, in the space of 25 minutes. Which was pretty cool, actually.

A+ all around. Great work.


PG said...

Do they still offer the Gold Tech Support package when you buy a new computer? One of the best pieces of advice I got from a friend who'd graduated from law school a year before I started was that I needed to buy whatever was the fanciest tech support package, no matter how expensive it was, because the day would come -- probably the day before final exams started -- when the laptop would mysteriously lose all of my notes, and when that day came, I needed tech support that would come to my house and get those notes out of the hard drive.

He was right. The other nice thing about Gold Tech support is that they don't ask too many questions about how your computer got messed up, which is a good thing when the answer would be, "I knocked it off the coffee table."

David Schraub said...

I think mine was called "professional" or something. The thing is, I have a Latitude laptop, which is actually a model designed for small businesses, not individual consumers. That caused a bit of confusion as they kept asking for my "company" (the guy on the phone was actually amazed I managed to find it on the website, as they apparently go to some lengths to hide it from non-corporate folks. I just followed the links Chicago gave me). It also might have bumped up the service I got -- Dell probably has snappier service on its corporate accounts than for the plebes.