Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some Quick Boxing Notes

It's been awhile since I blogged about boxing. But I wanted to drop a quick note mentioning that Oscar Diaz has emerged from his coma and his breathing on his own. This is great news. Diaz had been in a coma for two months after a fight with welterweight contender Delvin Rodriguez. He collapsed in his corner after the 10th round in one of the scariest scenes I have ever seen on television. The doctors were always optimistic, but as Rodriguez said when contacted, you don't want to get your hopes up until it actually happens. Best of luck to Diaz on his further recovery.

....Quickly while I'm on the subject of boxing, Dan Rafael's prediction about a Cotto/Margarito rematch seems to be a bit off to me: "Although Cotto was a favorite when he faced Margarito, after seeing the way the fight unfolded, it's hard to see Cotto doing much to change the outcome of a rematch."

Umm...false. There is a very big thing that Cotto could do in order to change the outcome of the rematch, and that is to go to the body. Whether it would, in fact, give him the victory is anybody's guess. But trying to dent the titanium-chinned Margarito via head-hunting was never a good move. Cotto came up through the ranks as a trench-warfare body puncher, and if he's to beat Margarito I think he's got to get back to his roots in the rematch.

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