Sunday, November 30, 2008

Duh! Redcoats!

There are several BYU grads in my 1L class at the University of Chicago. All are very smart, qualified, intelligent people. I have to remember that upon reading statements like this:
David Hunsaker and his sister, Katie Hunsaker, traveled with the Brigham Young University Campus Republicans from Provo to help get out the vote. The group arrived in Clark County on Friday.

"We can't believe that Americans can be so blind as to chose socialism when that's what our founding fathers fought against," Katie Hunsaker said after Obama's victory was announced.

Umm....better take another look in your history book, Katie.

Via UCL.


Unknown said...

Come now, surely you heard asinine things during four years of Carleton.

Anonymous said...

Our founding fathers fought against big government.

Socialism is big government.

Therefore, our founding fathers fought against socialism.

It just wasn't known as that at the time.