Friday, November 07, 2008

These are a Few of My Randomest Things

Kevin tagged me in a random things meme. I always get picked for this meme in particular, which is unfortunate, because I'm really pretty dull. But I don't want to break the chain, so....

Here are the rules.

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1) I'm perpetually early: Kevin says he's always late. Well, I'm nearly always early. I think it's a function of my status as a total goodie-goodie in school. I was literally terrified of getting in trouble, and being late to class could get you (gasp) detention. I never was late. I never got a single detention. Today, I compulsively overestimate the amount of time it takes to travel from place A to place B. At Carleton, I had classes directly across the sidewalk from my dorm. Yet, I'd constantly have thoughts like this: "I have an 11:00 class, and it's already 10:50. But I have to go down four flights of stairs to get there. Well, better get moving."

2) I'm a lefty, and I'm proud of it. Perhaps a little too proud, though, as the following story will demonstrate. I tend to sit at right-handed desks. A friend asked me about it once, and I explained that I had just gotten used to them over the years. But, I continued, it's kinda weird, because "normally I'm somewhat of a left supremacist." Except I didn't say "left", I said "White". Oops. Awkward.

3) I hate dogs. I know, I know. I'm a terrible person. I'm not even sure why. When I was kid, I was afraid of dogs, so I'm guessing there was some bad incident at age four that I'm hard at work suppressing. But yeah, Where the Red Fern Grows? Happy ending. Cats are cool though.

4) If I had to pick a favorite animal, it'd be mice. That is random, but mice seem to have played a disproportionate role in my childhood. My second grade play was narrated by mice ("Of Mice and Mozart", though I, star that I was, got to be a "composer"). A bunch of my favorite books as a kid -- Ben and Me, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Abel's Island, and later Maus -- all mice-centric. And "Tom and Jerry"? Great cartoon. Plus, I think they're cute.

5) I'm worried that all my non-academic interests seem rather violent. Not just video games. My favorite sports are boxing and ice hockey. I even played ice hockey for three years in high school. The music I listen to tends to fall into the "angry White dudes yelling" genre. My cousin once went through my iPod and declared that "for a pretty chill guy, you listen to some angry music." I though Breaking Benjamin's song "Forever" would make a nice first dance song at a wedding -- even after reading the lyrics (in my defense, the song is genuinely pretty). I don't exactly know where it comes from. In terms of my actual behavior, I'm quite passive and docile. I'm worried that I'm bottling up a torrent of rage. Or perhaps the music is a release.

6) I'm a White guy in a country that just elected a Black President. How weird is that?

Okay, now tags: PG (that blog is staying up whether she likes it or not), Matt, Phoebe, Esq. (she's due for an interim update anyway), The Gaucho Politico, and the one formerly known as Girl Detective.


Kevin Andre Elliott said...

Nice! Thanks for playing once again.

I have to say that I sometimes have the same worry about video games and the like. I love hockey. I actually decided to base my decision on whether to move to Denver or not on whether or not the Avalanche won the Stanley in 1996. Heh. Needless to say I moved to Denver.

And well, I grew up a punk kid, so there y'go with the angry music thing.

Myself, I'm leaning towards "release"

Anonymous said...

I, too, am a Left Supremacist. The smartest people I've met have all been left handed, everybody I've met says the smartest people they know are left handed, we're right-brained so you know we're ahead of the curve there. The Left is called left, and even DaVinci was a lefty. What more can one say to our clearly superior status?

And yet... There is so much discrimination. In the west we stopped doing it, but not that long ago in most countries, and in the 1800s in the west, lefties were forced to write right-handed, to do everything right-handed. It messes up one's cognitive-motor development, which is why lefties gained a reputation for being clumsy. Look at all the terms against us: two left feed. Sinister means left-hand in Latin. Dexterous comes from dexter, which means means right-handed in Latin. Everything is designed for right handed people, even the writing system. I could keep going.

Clearly this calls for revolution! Vive la gauche!

PG said...

Everything is designed for right handed people, even the writing system.

Western writing systems. Several other writing systems go from right to left, although those often are in the cultures that still repress left-handedness. My older sister apparently inclined to left handedness a bit, but my parents trained her out of it. I broke my right arm around the same time I was first learning to write, so they didn't pay much attention to my leftiness until they realized when I was 8 that I wrote rather slowly. That was way too late to fix it, even though they tried. I'm just glad my parents didn't use the "smack hand with ruler" method that they got as kids.

Matt said...

Don't hate me because I'm right handed.