Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It Has To Be Said

Latkes are the Jewish version of lutefisk.* I don't know how we manage to screw up fried potato -- indeed, I'm not sure I've ever found another version of fried potato that hasn't been deliciously heart-killing. But somehow, we managed to pull it off. Hamentashen forever!

* Obviously, the real analogue to lutefisk is gefilte fish, but I actually like gefilte fish and won't slander them by comparing them that Minnesotan horror.

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Anonymous said...

Are you serious? I really like latkes. Amanda Plump made some delicious ones at her apartment over break, the traditional sort and a variation using sweet potato. And with applesauce... yum.

Hamentashens score high on the rankings of religiously implicated food, which by and large sucks, but on an unhandicapped evaluation of cookies writ-large, they rank pretty low. A cookie should have nuts OR chocolate OR both.