Thursday, December 11, 2008

Study Break

My first law school exam, in Civil Procedure, is tomorrow morning, and I've been studying hard all week. Of course, too much studying leads to stress and burnout, and we don't want that. So I spent most of today ignoring my books and playing a downloaded ROM of Final Fantasy VII instead.*

It's a brilliant move, I tell you!

* In a shocking upset, this might not actually be illegal, as I own both an original playstation and FF7 (although neither is with me currently).


The Gaucho Politico said...

actually i think its still illegal to simply posses a copy of the game transferred to another medium regardless of whether you own the game for PS or do not gain commercial value. Good luck on your civ pro final.

Anonymous said...

yes, the proliferators of stolen roms and black market software emulators keep up the schpeel about how the service is only for people who have previously purchased solely for the minimal ass-coverage it might provide should their operations be traced back to them. but could you walk off with a cd copy of a video game, or remove software files from a sony employees computer and then claim it was ok since you also owned a copy? definitely not.

but hey, i'm all for piracy. just call it what it is.

Julia said...

Good call! And good luck!

I'm starting my last final tonight. 24 hours from that I will be DONE! With class obligations, not research, but oh well...