Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"We Cannot Live Without Our Lives" Either: Jews, Privilege, and Anti-Subordination

The guest-posting stint at Feministe has begun! It'll will be a seven part series on Jews, anti-Semitism, anti-subordination, and Israel. I'll post a link to each post here as it comes up, but you'll need to head over yonder to get the full bit.

Part one is now available here.


Maria said...

Just surfed over here from Feministe. I wanted to say hi and welcome from a Feministe reader (who is pleased to see a guy venture into the space without hesitation) and a UChi law school recent alum (who is pleased to see her law school represented in one of her favorite spaces). I'm looking forward to your posts!

(Also, as a VERY recent alum, I have to say, 1L year is not too bad until the spring. Be prepared to go into hiding. 2L year is insanely busy though less frightening. 3L year is more laid back. If you want to be a law prof, that might be a good time to work on some publishing (I have a friend who worked with Baird on papers his 3rd year). If you're in anyway interested in Con Law take it from Strauss and Samaha. Take Bernstein's legal scholarship class to prep for professorhood and her Advanced Contracts courses if you want to practice transactional law or have a better idea of what those pesky lawyers do.

Maria said...

And before I forget, Mary Ann Case is a great feminist scholar who teaches a number of courses and runs a workshop. So to the extent your interest in discrimination law includes gender, she's a great person to bounce ideas off of and is always up for a chat.

Anonymous said...

hi, after reading the first of your posts on Feministe this is what came to my mind:this guy would make a nice rabbi! Seriously. We need rabbi's who not only have minds to grasp complex laws, but a heart that CARES about ALL oppression. Food for thought ;-)