Monday, February 23, 2009

Heroes Apply Elsewhere

McDonald's, which must have laid off its entire PR department to screw up this badly, has denied a Worker's Comp claim stemming from an employee who took a bullet rescuing a patron who was being beaten inside the restaurant. The employee has needed several surgeries and has racked up $300,000 in medical damages.

This blog claims that a good Samaritan act while on the job makes one eligible for worker's compensation insofar as the act provides "good will" to the employer. I'm not sure how much goodwill McDonald's is reaping insofar as it is hanging this kid out to dry, but anything that takes them to the cleaners is okay with me at this point.


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Anonymous said...

I contacted McD’s and received this response.

Hello [my name]:

Thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald’s to let us know your thoughts on this unfortunate incident.

This restaurant is an independently owned McDonald’s and an insurance claim is still pending. As such, it is not appropriate for us to comment on it, however, the owner/operator, Ray Nosler, has shared the following statement publicly about this case:

February 24, 2009

My highest priority is the safety and security of my customers and employees.

I stand behind Nigel Haskett. I believe he acted as a Good Samaritan. Concerning the critical matter of his medical expenses, it is important to note that the Arkansas Worker’s Compensation Commission ultimately decides the outcome of his claim. As part of this process, Nigel’s case will be presented to a Worker’s Compensation judge, who will review all of the facts and decide on the case’s merits.

McDonald’s supports Nigel’s claim, and fully anticipates the judge in this process will find in Nigel’s favor. As a safeguard, if for some reason his claim is denied, and other insurance options are unavailable, I intend to cover the cost of his medical expenses.

I’m doing this because it’s the right thing to do for Nigel.

Again, thank you for contact McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Customer Response Center