Friday, February 20, 2009

OMG! I Love That Blog Too!

Lars Ohly is currently the party chairman of the Swedish Left Party -- essentially, the successor to Sweden's communist party. He is a member of parliament along with 21 of his party mates. He also has a list of favorite blogs. Number two on the list contains some delightful sentiments about Jews:
“If Obama hadn’t crawled before the Jewish Zionist mafia AIPAC & Co, we would never have heard of him, US policy is governed directly from Tel Aviv”.

“The Zionists has bought all resistance within the most important sectors of the world with the billions of dollars from the Holocaust industry”.

“Talmud encourages the Jews to kill Christians”.


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Anonymous said...

Not speaking Swedish, I only got so far in the source material. The top post at Jinge right now appears to be about the lost city of Atlantis, which makes me ponder yet again the connection between antisemitism and nutjobbery.

But I find it particularly noteworthy that these are the blogs he listed himself, rather than someone, say, ratting him out. If he thought he would have the least type of trouble over this kind of thing, I'm sure he could find an 11th favorite blog to pretend was his 10th favorite and just leave that one off the list.

Rather like a certain Arizona politician and his attachment to Henry Ford. He could have found any number of writers to talk about the importance of assimilation who weren't also raving antisemites, but no.