Monday, February 16, 2009

The Writing on the Wall

British MP Denis MacShane details the rising tide of anti-Semitism running through Europe.


Anonymous said...

well to paraphrase one of the comments at Feministe a while back:maybe we should care about this, after all this Jew hatred might not be helping the Palestinian cause.

Cycle Cyril said...

The comment by anonymous is another example of leftists' anti-Semitism wherein the concern is not anti-Semitism in and of itself but whether it affects their agenda.

David Schraub said...

...making the person no different than the right, which also only cares about anti-Semitism when it relates to their agenda. I note as well that Mr. MacShane is a Labour MP.

Cycle Cyril said...


The problem with your statement is that anti-Semitism on the right is out of the mainstream. Anti-Semitism on the left is coming into the mainstream, however much you may not like it.

In some ways, as PG noted in another comments thread, it has become "structural" or "institutionalized" by political organizations and law enforcement of various countries, countries that have prided themselves as "progressive".