Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's There To Talk About?

Abu Muqawama on talking with Hezbollah:
....Second, why on Earth would Hizballah want to talk to us? What would they want from us?

Third, it would be one thing if the only thing Hizballah has ever said about armed resistance was said in the Open Letter of 1985, but Hizballah leaders have repeatedly and consistently defined the organization as an armed resistance movement first and foremost. What's more, this armed resistance is no longer tied into concrete territorial demands that we could conceivably help out with, such as the Shebaa Farms. So that complicates things, both for us in dealing with them and also for them as they try to figure out what the future of their party holds.

Muqawama isn't adverse to talking with "enemies" per se, he just wants to know what exactly we have to talk about with Hezbollah. And I'm not really sure at this point, though I can see the benefit of having some channels of communication in case there is a crisis (I'm skeptical, frankly, that those channels don't already exist already in private).

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