Monday, April 06, 2009

More On Drug Enforcement

Pun definitely intended.

As the Supreme Court considers whether (poorly warranted) suspected possession of ibuprofen justifies the strip-search of a 13 year old girl in school, and on the heels of the ruling that teenage drug use is so terrifying that we have to ban gibberish phrases to keep the monster at bay, a Fairfax County (VA) student got suspended for two weeks and may face expulsion after she was caught popping her birth control pill during lunch. Drugs + Sex = a county that either needs to learn how to roll with flexible circumstances, or have a rock thrown at its head.

The student did learn some useful information though. If she had showed up to school high on heroin, she would only have been suspended five days. Live and learn, I guess.

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PG said...

I guess the school rules require that all medications be deposited with the nurse and that one go to her office in order to take them. I'm glad the girl is on the Pill, but if the problem is a rule that medications are to be dispensed by the nurse, then we should change the specific rule (AFTER thinking through why the rule may have been instituted in the first place).