Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Power of Words

Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC): Not all that bright.
Senator Richard Burr took a bit of a jab at President Barack Obama Friday night. Burr said he does not need a teleprompter to speak as he travels from city to city, unlike the president. Nor did Burr need one to talk about an economic turnaround in southeastern North Carolina.

"You can begin to see growth in this community, you see life, you see tourism back,” said Senator Burr. “It's just a matter of time before this economy turns around and we see pricing stabilized and we forget about the economic downtime and we look forward to the opportunities."

That's not all that bad though, compared to Rep. John Boehner (R-OH):
STEPHANOPOULOS: So what is the responsible way? That’s my question. What is the Republican plan to deal with carbon emissions, which every major scientific organization has said is contributing to climate change?

BOEHNER: George, the idea that carbon dioxide is a carcinogen that is harmful to our environment is almost comical. Every time we exhale, we exhale carbon dioxide. Every cow in the world, you know, when they do what they do, you’ve got more carbon dioxide.

Much like bullets, CO2 does not cause cancer. Hence, we don't have to worry about it.


PG said...

I didn't think that was the dumb part of Burr's quotes in that article. This, apropos his now infamous instructions to his wife to pull as much money out of the ATM as possible over the course of three days, was way stupider:

"It was not an attempt to run on a bank. You can't do that on an ATM machine."

If you pull all of your money out of a bank, that's making a run on the bank. "Run" is a metaphor and it does not require physically running up to the bank. Jesus.

Luci said...

I had the pleasure (or misfortune) of not only being in NC when Mr. Burr was elected, but also driving through southeastern NC just the other day. Somehow, I missed all of the signs of economic turnaround...

That state seems to have a record of electing bizarre senators (getting rid of Dole was a great step in the right direction.) I suspect my cat would have done a better job as senator than Burr has thus far...

But I'll attempt to look on the bright side - the best thing about Burr's election was that the UNC system got a great president - Erskine Bowles!