Tuesday, May 05, 2009

McConnell Leaves the Bench

And adding insult to injury, he's not rejoining us at Chicago. He's stepping down to take up a post at Stanford University.

Chicago, I have to point out, is looking for a new Dean. A couple of students mentioned McConnell's name, but I didn't think he would go anywhere from the bench after having been so recently confirmed. Apparently he got wanderlust faster than any of us thought.

This also, incidentally, probably decreases to nil the chances that I won't try to clerk for some crazy raging leftist.

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PG said...

So Kathleen Sullivan is stepping down as director of the Stanford Con Law Center?

I was surprised at first to hear this news of McConnell, but as Sullivan has demonstrated one can hold this director position while also being a partner at a private law firm, I assume McConnell also will be cashing in shortly. I can't see any other reason for him to step down from the bench.