Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rutgers' Rejects

Congratulations to Imani Perry, who will be leaving Rutgers-Newark Law School to take up a position at Princeton University's Center for African American Studies. A great and well-deserved honor, to be sure.

We last saw Prof. Perry on this blog when she eviscerated her colleague Michael Livingston's suggestion that the school was being compromised by affirmative action hires ("people other than the best candidates"). Prof. Perry was too polite to explicitly note that her own credentials seem to be, if anything, superior to Livingston's, but I showed no such forbearance (Cornell undergrad plus Yale law is trumped by Yale undergrad plus Harvard J.D./Ph.D). And while Prof. Livingston is still hanging out at Rutgers, the woman he implied was unqualified to grace his academic halls will be departing for Princeton. Ah, come-uppance is a glorious thing.

* The post title is undoubtedly unfair -- I have no knowledge that Prof. Livingston's rudeness was common to the Rutgers-Newark faculty, or that they didn't by and large have anything but the highest respect for Prof. Perry and her fellow colleagues of color.


PG said...

I bet someone like Livingston will consider a Center for African American Studies inherently suspect.

David Schraub said...

Well, he's welcome to do his best at feeling superior from Newark.