Thursday, July 02, 2009

And That's a Wrap

The last 1L grade has come in, so as far as I'm concerned, 1L year is now officially over! Huzzahs are in order.

Best grade: Civil Procedure I, Buss. The was also the first grade I got. It was all downhill from there. But it was a nice confidence booster to start the year.

Worst Grade: Criminal Law, McAdams. This was the last grade I got (see above about the downhill slope). It was also the exam I felt I did the best on. Go figure. In fact, my spring term grades had a complete inverse correlation to how well I thought I knew the material. That will teach me to rely on book learnin'.

Most average grade: Property, Helmholz & Leiter, Jurisprudence II (tie). These were the grades closest to my overall GPA. As befits their average status, I did better than expected on one (Property) and worse in the other (Jurisprudence).

Biggest upset victory: Contracts, Bernstein & Baird. Tied for the second best grade I received all year, and there was never a day where I felt I understood a word of it. Life is weird sometimes.

Now to await the results of the law review competition. I'm feeling good about it, but I remember the last time I felt good about something in law school (namely, my criminal law exam). So, fingers crossed!


Brian Leiter said...

David, if Juris II marked your average grade, then you had quite a good 1L year! Congratulations!

David Schraub said...

Thank you very much! And I actually didn't expect to do "better" on the jurisprudence exam, just relatively better -- it is a strange day when it gets beat out by the Contracts (and inverse with property, which was closer to Contract-dom in terms of my feeling of understanding throughout the term).