Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Latest

Where we last left off, I was moving in to my townhouse on Monday. It was going to be great -- everything was scheduled to arrive on Monday, we'd put in one huge day, get everything set up, and be ready to go (with maybe some mopping up to do over the rest of the week).

It didn't go smooth. Why doesn't it ever go smooth?

The box spring for my mattress didn't fit up the stairs -- they're bringing a split tomorrow. Contrary to corporate assurances, my house isn't hooked up to the Comcast grid -- they're doing that tomorrow. The desk which was scheduled to be delivered Monday only made it to the local deliverers Monday, so it won't get here until (you guessed it) tomorrow (and then I have to assemble it!). And in the midst of all this, my laptop computer decided 9 months was a nice long lifespan, and kicked it. The Dell technicians are coming to attempt CPR ... tomorrow.

So right now I'm on my girlfriend's laptop, using a signal we "liberated" from the neighbors to get internet, and I'm basically trapped in this house for the rest of the week continuing with set up. I had to email my bosses and tell them I basically can't do any work this week, which I am not happy about (they were all very understanding, thankfully).

As I told Jill, trying to move the same week that you begin a huge stretch of important job interviews is the karmic equivalent of dangling a rare steak in front of Doberman, so I guess I can't really blame the fates. But even still. Grr.

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