Friday, August 07, 2009

Moving Roundup

We began helping Jill move into her new place today -- that project will continue over the weekend. Then Monday is M-Day for me -- excitement city! I also turned in my first topic proposal for a law review comment. It draws from this post on Rhode Island's weird exemption for Jews from its incest laws. Thanks, Rhode Island!

* * *

Iran's Christians labor under the states apostasy law.

The other Carleton (the Canadian one) is having a hell over a spat over a visiting professor accused of being behind a terrorist attack on a French synagogue.

A 1975 essay by Albert Memmi on "Arab Jews". Memmi himself was a Tunisian Jew who had been a staunch supporter of Algerian independence.

According to this poll, Latino approval ratings for the GOP stand at 3%. That's not a typo.

David Hyman really doesn't get that one can support "grassroots activism" and yet oppose angry mobs comparing the Obama administration to the SS?

A related observation.

And no, saying Obama will set up a "death panel" isn't any better.

Adam Serwer is annoyed that the ADL hasn't come out to condemn conservative Nazi imagery directed at the Obama administration -- except, whoops, they did.

Jeff Fecke on the "nice guy" sexism that led to the Pennsylvania health club shooting.

We took a break last week, but Chicago Faculty blogging is back with Rosalind Dixon on Dynamic Constitutional Rules.


A poem by Steve Cohen.

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PG said...

Re: your topic proposal. I think a comment that unearths how the law came about and how it was used would make a fascinating read -- it's the only instance of which I know in American law of having something like India's "personal law" where family law depends on which religion one practices.