Saturday, August 08, 2009

Only in Vegas

From a review of the newly frugal dining options in the Sin City, this burger was mentioned:
...ground-shrimp-and-pork burger, designed to taste like a Vietnamese banh mi with cilantro, pickled daikon and carrots.

Put some cheese on that sucker and I think you've officially found the least Kosher dish ever created.


PG said...

I don't have a very good understanding of kosher rules -- I thought the problem with a cheeseburger is that it combined beef (the meat of the dead cow) with a dairy product (the milk of a living cow). Why would cheese on a beef-less shrimp and pork burger present that problem?

David Schraub said...

Because Rabbis like expanding rules way beyond their original purpose or scope -- now it's just a blanket "no dairy and meat combo" rule (less a problem with pork, but a chicken philly also is not Kosher).

PG said...

Ah, OK, thanks :-) I had heard the original purpose but was not aware of the broader rule.