Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This is New Jersey

A conservative pollster has GOP gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie's numbers crashing after a series of damaging revelations have given him a full news cycle of bad press.

This is what always happens in New Jersey. Let's be clear: NJ voters do not like incumbent Jon Corzine (D). In fact, NJ voters tend to harbor a dislike for most of their statewide incumbents (mostly Democrats). But the entire state is so twisted from top to bottom that it will be incredibly difficult for Republicans to find a candidate who can actually capture disaffected votes. Instead, it's a pox on both their houses -- but since New Jersey leans liberal, Democrats win the tie-breaker.

I don't mean to imply Corzine is out of the woods yet -- his numbers are a fair flight worse than you virtually ever see for an incumbent this side of Bob Taft. Not to mention this is but one poll, with some legitimate methodological issues to grapple with. But Republicans may have to prepare for yet another Lucy-and-the-football experience in the Garden State.

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