Monday, September 14, 2009

Blood Libel Spotting

That Swedish blood libel article really set off the avalanche, didn't it? Counterpunch magazine, as per Alison Weir of "If American's Knew", is now asserting that not only is the Swedish article accurate, but also the original medieval blood libel is actually true as well. This may mark the first time in recent memory that the blood libel has been disseminated in an even remotely mainstream American media outlet (Counterpunch definitely is on the border of that characterization).

Meanwhile, an Algerian official has gotten in on the act with his own tale of Jewish organ theft, this time of Algerian children being smuggled across the Moroccan border. Busy beavers we are, it seems (needless to say, all these accusations are trumpeted in the Iranian press).

Of all the anti-Semitic myths I really assumed had died a permanent death, the blood libel was pretty high on the list. Alas, I'm always far too optimistic about these things, it seems.


PG said...

This is all very depressing. I wonder if folks on the left (which I suppose is where CounterPunch nominally is) will be expected to specify that yes, the folks at CP are frigging lunatics.

Rebecca said...

They should be, but no one will.

Bob said...

Speaking from the left, yes, CP are indeed frigging lunatics!!