Sunday, September 20, 2009

"They're Almost Huge!"

I don't know about you, but I never would blow my nose with anything but a manly, masculine, testosterone-laden tissue.


The Gaucho Politico said...

this is off topic but i just read the post on the conservative v liberal influences list. wow. I thought PG did a commendable job refuting all of the ridiculous positions asserted by the upset wingers. Pg was never going to win though as people who believe in the greatness of limbaugh, goldberg etc. arent likely to suddenly realize how dim those bulbs are.

Also, digby blogs at
and writes a much more...blunt critique of general political events. That the right doesnt even know who influences liberal thought should give some indication of how confined their bubble is.

PG said...


Thanks. It was my Friday windmill-tilting exercise. I think what I find particularly frustrating is that there are people on the right (live ones, still writing) whose arguments I do find worthy of response. A lot of my centrist beliefs (e.g. skepticism of unions) were shaped by excellent conservative critiques of Great Society liberalism. The neocons actually had some good ideas about reforming domestic policy to keep programs dynamic.

I just can't respect the kind of conservatism whose foreign policy consists of chest-beating testosterone and whose domestic policy consists of repeated appeals to "common sense." If someone likes to be entertained by Limbaugh instead of Ludacris -- flipping his dial to talk radio instead of rap music -- I have no problem with it. Entertainers are most secure in their success when they re-affirm what their audience already "knows." It's just when someone derives his understanding of how the world operates from either Limbaugh or Ludacris that I worry for our polity.