Monday, September 21, 2009

Westboro Protests Jews

The Westboro Baptist Church is at it again, this time protesting in front of a University of Oklahoma Jewish organization. The message is that Jews are responsible for killing Christ (like the blood libel, an oldie but goodie). Like when the WBC came to Chicago, the targeted groups asked that a counter-protest not be waged, in order to deprive the WBC of publicity.

Nonetheless, some folks couldn't help themselves and came out anyway. And for whatever reason, I, softie that I am, was touched by this woman:
“I know we were asked to not come out today, but I wanted them to see that we really do care about our Jewish community,” said Kara Joy McKee, OU alumnus. “We love our Jews. We love our everybodys.”

It really did make me feel warm inside. Thanks, Kara.


Pablo Kenney said...

I didn't attend the actual rally, in the hope that no one would pay them attention, but drove by towards the end of the rally. Despite knowing that these jerks just live for the publicity, I felt really good seeing the 50-75 people who couldn't help themselves and came out to show their support for the jews.

Rebecca said...

Apparently they're going to continue to harass Jews at their synagogues. There's an e-mail from Adam Holland published on Harry's Place - He reports that Phelps's gang will be demonstrating outside his Brooklyn synagogue too. What would be great is if the bikers who show up at military funerals where Phelps harasses the grieving family would also show up at the synagogues. Maybe a group of (non-Sabbath-observing) biker Jews?

Pablo Kenney said...

The bikers showed up to the Norman protest. I think they try to follow phelps gang EVERYWHERE.