Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Zuma Speaks to South African Jews

There has been some valid concern recently about growing anti-Semitism in South Africa, often fostered and supported by persons with high government connections. But apparently things are moving in the right direction: President Jacob Zuma just delivered a speech before the nation's Jewish Board of Deputies (the broad umbrella group of Jewish organizations in South Africa) that's getting rave reviews.

It's always interesting to me what gets a positive reaction in these sorts of addresses to Jewish groups. You never hear of one of these meetings where the audience comes out and complains that the speaker wasn't supportive of settlements or Greater Israel. The big applause lines seem to simply be supporting a two-state solution, and calling for peaceful co-existence without terror or violence. That's all it takes to keep Jews happy.

Anyway, I'm glad the speech was such a hit, and I think President Zuma for delivering it. It may not always seem like it, but these things matter.

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