Thursday, October 01, 2009

Something Completely Different

Kos endorses the Republican in the NY-23 special House election. The reasoning is a mix of two factors: a) the Republican genuinely does seem more liberal than the Democrat (such that there is a "Conservative Party" candidate in the race who is actually competitive with the field), b) overflowing spite towards "blue dog" Democrats, of whom this Democrat would undoubtedly become a part of if elected.

Still, intriguing.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, significant portions of the GOP apparatus are getting behind said Conservative Party candidate over their own nominee. So Democrats are supporting a Republican who they think is more liberal than the Democrat, while Republicans, noting this, are supporting a third-party candidate firmly in tea bag territory, thus throwing the advantage to ... who, exactly? I have no idea.

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PG said...

There's apparently a similar split in the conservative vote possible for the NJ governor's race, which I would have bet money Corzine was going to lose. Except with NJ, it's that the anointed GOP candidate is a social conservative (abortion prohibitionist, among other things), while the insurgent independent candidate apparently is more libertarian.