Sunday, November 01, 2009

Quote of the Day

Demonstrating the mutability of anti-Semitic ideology, German Jewish novelist Jacob Wasserman asked, of the Jews, "shall we seek obscurity?"
It would be in vain, for they say, “He hides himself, the coward. His conscience must be troubling him.” Approach them, frankly, with outstretched and open hand? In vain. They will say: “What tactlessness! How clearly you see the insensitive Jew!” Help them to shake off their chains? In vain. They will say, “How much did he make out of it?” Be faithful to them in peace, faithful in war? In vain. They will say, “He can turn his hand to anything and everything. He is protean.” Live for them, die for them? In vain. They will say, “The Jew remains a Jew, first and last.”

Quoted in Murray J. Kohn, An Open Letter to the Anti-Semites, 1 J. Stud. Anti-Semitism 67, 68 (2009).

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PG said...

Apparently the way to go nowadays is to stand next to the anti-Semites:

Cantor stood there while protesters raised signs suggesting that Obama "takes his orders from the Rothschilds," the family that was once central to theories of Jewish world dominance.