Wednesday, December 23, 2009

For the Rest of Us!

CNN explores how non-Christians handle the "holiday" season. Very interesting. Worth noting: "Compared with other non-Christians, many Jews have drawn a sharper line in the sand when it comes to observing Christmas, a stance informed by historic, theological and self-preservation reasons."

UPDATE: You thought the line was harsh now! Yeesh.


chingona said...

That Slate article was ... something.

As someone in a mixed marriage who lives in close proximity to my non-Jewish family, I don't have the option of drawing a strong line.

Which leads to some amusing comments from my 4-year-old. Like, "Mommy, what's the blessing for Santa? I know the beginning is 'Baruch atah adonai melech ha olam' but what comes after that?" He also wants to know why Christmas is just one day.

On the other hand, his aunt took him and his cousins to the mall to play on a cold day, and when two mall greeters wished him a Merry Christmas, he told them firmly "I'm Jewish!"

chingona said...

Just had a thought. What happens if Christmas Eve falls on Shabbat? Since Shabbat generally overrules all other holidays, I'm thinking you could - even should - have sex, but perhaps having relations on Shabbat doesn't rise to the same level as, say, not carrying.