Thursday, January 07, 2010


Fun fact -- I actually have been on the phone with my health care provider over the past few weeks to settle some stuff (they have my birth date and gender wrong, and they are approaching Minnesota-levels of passive-aggressiveness in "attempting" to solve the problem).

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chingona said...

The part where they tell him ahead of time how much it will cost is not realistic at all!

Good luck dealing with your health insurance. Last year, a colleague of mine had to spend six months wrangling with our health insurance company. They refused to pay for her Pap because a code had accidentally ended up on her file that indicated she was a man. Now, even if she were trans (she isn't), you can't do a Pap on someone who doesn't have a cervix, so it's hard to see the potential for fraud here. Another colleague spent even longer trying to get them to pay for her HPV vaccine, even though she got it pre-approved before she even had the first shot.