Thursday, January 28, 2010

Non-SOTU Roundup

'Cause that would be cliched.

* * *

Pennsylvania Superior Court overturns a slew of anti-gay child custody decisions from the 1980s.

Indian roads create new opportunities.

The impact of Obama's school speech, one year later.

People are casting this post as Ta-Nehisi Coates pasting Chris Matthews, but I think the important points are far broader than anything Matthews-specific. That said, it's a fabulous post.

A U.Chicago study finds that female math teachers who are anxious about their own skills transmute that anxiety onto female pupils, resulting in reduced performance.

Bill Clinton hails Israeli mission to Haiti.

A touching post by Al Brophy on a friend of his who recently passed away.

As a pinball fan, I actually knew of the "call the shot" story which got pinball legalized in New York -- but that doesn't mean I won't share it.

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Matthew said...

I really wish you'd stop quoting Ta-Nehisi Coates, 'cause every time you do, I read him, and every time I read him, I'm reminded of how absolutely wonderful his writing and - admitting my neophyte-ness in many of the areas he focuses on - his insight into these issues are. Which makes me want to read his articles more often. Which means less things for other important stuff, like law school and sleep.