Friday, June 25, 2010


There was some sucky stuff that happened on the intertubes today (see here for back story), but there was one redeeming factor. I discovered MadCrazies blog, and I think I'm in love. Not as much love as I have towards the proprietor of this blog, of course, but a fair amount of love all the same.

The anti-Zionist bingo card is pretty good. But I really loved this passage on what it's like as a queer women when one goes out with guys:
Fun part is, going out in public with an adult human male is like an invisibility cloak! When you take one with you, you cease to exist not only as a queer but as a person at all! This is actually kind of nice sometimes. It doesn't matter what my male companion looks like, going out at night is no longer about "how many street harassers can I shiv".

For. The. Win.

And for the blogroll, I might add.

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