Saturday, August 14, 2010

It All Makes Sense Now

I've finally figured out why folks are so worked up about the Cordoba Center mosque near the WTC site.

To be fair, that "I [bomb] NY" in shrubbery is pretty impressive.


sonicfrog said...

That's a bomb? I thought it was an apple.

I can understand the negative sentiment concerning building a mosque so close to ground zero. But the stupid wing of the conservative movement is way WAY overplaying this. I doubt it will bite them in the upcoming election, but I guarantee the poison this spreads will come back and bite us all in the ars!

PG said...

It's. Not. A. Mosque. A mosque could at least plausibly be argued as excluding or anti-democratic in some fashion because some mosques don't permit non-Muslims to enter. But it's a community center that has a prayer room.