Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Master of Money Roundup

Anybody on Law Review will tell you -- nobody knows economics like I do.

* * *

Glenn Beck: Not really comparable to Malcolm X. At all.

Four Israeli settlers shot dead by Palestinian terrorists. Hamas has claimed responsibility; the PA condemned the attack.

A neat piece on Justice Ginsburg's role as a feminist pioneer. This older bit from the Legal Times is also interesting.

A CNN profile on a Baha'i woman imprisoned by Iran. Apparently, charges of espionage for Israel are the preferred method Iran takes for suppressing its religious minorities (surprise, surprise).

It's a shame that the housing market is so dismal right now. If only there were masses of people desperate to come to America and find a place to live.
It's like the Maroonbook doesn't even exist (for entirely valid reasons, to be sure).

The best and worst of America.

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Matt said...

PR-wise, an own-goal for Hamas.. until you realize that forcing concessions from Israel (concessions short of disbanding) is that last thing they want.

My hatred of "heightening the contradictions" is quite a bit deeper than my hatred for Hamas. But it's no coincidence Hamas are master practitioners.