Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Prop. 8 Reversed

The opinion is here, I'm reading it now.

Huge win for equal rights. It won't be the last stroke in the battle by any means. But tonight, we can celebrate.

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Jack said...

It's kind of funny how liberal law students/lawyers can throw out any pretense at legal scholarship and reasoning when a "ruling" is in their favor. Any bum off the street can make a "ruling" on some divisive issue, and this is exactly what Judge Walker did. He's a gay man from San Francisco, and he spewed out a bunch of left-wing drivel to support a ruling that everyone knew he would give anyway. There was no deliberation, no objectivity. Kind of like Roe in the 1970's - everyone knew it was poorly reasoned, but the liberal judges wanted to rule a certain way and fit their argument to that.

after taking Constitutional Law, I realized how everything since about 1950 is really all made up to fit judges' whims. And now those whims, as well as the whims of bitches like you, are to end traditional marriage and hurt our family-oriented society.

This is not over though. Americans will have the final say, and conservatives are laying the groundwork for usurping the power of unelected robed tyrants.