Monday, October 11, 2010

Sack Him Sack Him Sack Him!!!!

Every day that Avigdor Lieberman remains Foreign Minister is a day I'm embarrassed for Israel. Even aside from the basic point that he's little more than a fascist thug, his tenure as FM can basically be characterized as one diplomatic catastrophe after another. In a world where Israel is verging on becoming a pariah state, the last thing it needs is a wretched incompetent like Lieberman as its public face.

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N. Friedman said...

While I am not sure he is a fascist - and some experience with Soviet Jews might help you better understand them -, he certainly causes embarrassment for the government of Israel, with him causing more embarrassment than any advantage he has brought improving Israel's image in Russia and Eastern Europe - where he is actually a plus, because his way of thinking is the norm in that part of the world.