Monday, November 08, 2010

It's No Better in the Private Sector, Kid

I empathize with Radley Balko's travails to get his refund back from the IRS. But that's because I'm locked in more or less the same battle with Comcast, which has been hanging onto my security deposit and refund for nearly three months now. Same utter incompetence by everyone I've every interacted with. Same shunting from bureaucracy to bureaucracy. Same inability to explain what went wrong, how it went wrong, or how they're planning to fix it. I don't think even the IRS' opening gambit was to allege that Balko owed them additional money, which is how Comcast tried to play me.

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sonicfrog said...

This was the thing that really annoyed me during the health care debate. Neither side, the state supported or the free enterprise advocates, would not ever sit down and hold an honest discussion about the pros and cons of each side. End result? You got the health care reform monstrosity that further complicates an already overly complex system and only makes things worse. Hell, we would have been better of just adopting a full social model and be done with it.